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Thermal Imaging

Infrared technology helps us find hidden defects.

Infrared cameras can see what our eyes can’t.  Closer Look Home Inspection puts this technology to use for you, which can have a significant long-term impact on your home’s comfort and safety, as well as your wallet.  This technology allows us to uncover problems with the home’s plumbing, roofing, HVAC system and electrical system, which are typically hidden behind by the home’s walls. Our thermal cameras do help us detect problems that the naked eye simply can’t.  Some companies charge hundreds of dollars extra for thermal imaging, but Closer Look Home Inspection includes this service on every inspection we perform – free of charge.  Because of all the advantages that IR Thermography offers, we wouldn’t inspect a home in today’s market without it.
Infrared imaging allows us to “see” heat, which can be useful in identifying: – Overheated electrical components, a potential fire hazard. – Leaky door and window seals, the major causes of inefficiency in a home. – Settled insulation, another detriment to a home’s efficiency. – Plumbing leaks behind walls, which can cause rot and bacterial growth. – Slow leaks in roofing and exterior walls, causing hidden damage deep inside your walls. – HVAC issues, which can decrease the comfort of your home, and increase your utility bill.
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