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When you’re buying property, whether it’s a house or a condo, it’s good to know what you’re actually buying. Beyond the walls, what are the electrical components like?

Will there be any problems with structure, including the balcony? Are appliances and hood fan exhausts up to code? Is there excess moisture anywhere, making the place susceptible to mold? In essence, what is the condition of the property itself?

This is where a home inspector comes in. A qualified home inspector can help a buyer determine if a property is worth buying before they buy it—even when that property is a brand new condo.

While many people feel like an inspection on a new property is a waste of money, it can help identify problems such as incorrect installments.

Often the cost of a home inspection, typically a few hundred dollars, is offset by the money saved from discovering a problem before you buy.

Unlike with the purchase of a car, which comes with a warranty, once you buy a condo it’s yours—and so are all its issues.

Any qualified home inspector can evaluate a condo, but you’ll be hard pressed to find an inspector that specializes in condo inspections because the market is much smaller.

Our inspector will look at the following areas in a condo:

  1. The windows are installed correctly and to regulation
  2. The heating, electricity, wiring, and plumbing is to code
  3. There is no build-up of moisture or humidity
  4. Appliances are installed correctly and up to code
  5. The hood fan exhaust is installed correctly
  6. Other exhaust and ventilation systems
  7. The balcony is up to code
  8. Any exterior issues that could affect your individual unit

Our inspector will provide a detailed report with pictures of their findings and will be available to you in 24 hours after the inspection. Give us a call today to schedule your condo inspection!

Home Inspection Twin Cities | Home Inspector 612-913-7898