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plumbing inspection

Every reasonable buyer inspects at least several things before making a down payment on a house. Superficial things are something that everyone checks in detail. However, if you really wish to know what state your potential future house really is, you have to scratch the surface. Electric and heating installations need to be at the top of the list, but your number one priority should be the plumbing since problems in plumbing areas are usually the hardest to fix. Hence, the need to do a plumbing inspection.

Our home inspector will come to your property and do a thorough visual inspection of the following areas of the plumbing in the home:

  1. interior water supply and distribution systems including fixtures and faucets.999-(58)
  2. interior drain, waste, and vent systems including fixtures.
  3. water heating equipment and hot water supply systems.
  4. vent systems, flues, and chimneys.
  5. fuel storage and fuel distribution systems.
  6. sewage ejectors, sump pumps, and related piping.

When our home inspector completes the plumbing inspection the inspector will create a detailed report of their findings along with pictures to support what they have found. The report will be available to the customer in 24 hours after the inspection. If your ready to buy your dream home and want to know your plumbing is up to par, give us a call today to schedule!

Home Inspection Twin Cities | Home Inspector 612-913-7898