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manufactured home inspection

These inspections cover the typical home inspection areas, but more specifically, it also covers the home’s support systems underneath.

This inspection is highly recommended prior to placing the manufactured home on the market.

These inspections cover the visible structure of the property, the roof, driveway, walkways, the home’s exterior siding, the windows, doors, fireplace and chimneys, the attic area, the crawlspace and structure, the flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, the property’s electrical system, the property’s plumbing systems, the HVAC systems, as well as all areas of the garage.

The inspection will also cover the yard, retaining walls, gates, and fencing. The inspection will identify the functionality of the listed items and any items of concern to the inspector, or known hazards.

The inspector cannot report on what he cannot see or test, such as the plumbing in the walls and in the ground, or non-visible areas of the foundation, etc.

Manufactured homes require a support system underneath the home’s main frame, which the home sits on. A manufactured home is basically a trailer sitting on a support system.

The support systems are typically metal jack stands and an anchoring system to keep the home from sliding off the jacks. The metal jacks are known to rust and fail over time and need to be replaced periodically.

The home’s support system should be thoroughly inspected to ensure it is safe and to identify the presence of an anchoring system. Some manufactured homes have never had an anchoring system installed, but they are required.

Do not wait for an earthquake or to have the property held up in escrow to find out you have a problem. A manufactured home inspection will be money well spent.

I provide a professional and thorough inspection for Manufactured Homes (Also known as Mobile Homes). If you own, are selling, or are buying a manufacture home and you need to know the condition of the home’s support system, call me for an inspection.

I provide a low cost, but valuable understanding of the home’s support system. All manufacture homes need to be inspected every few years to ensure their stability. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Have your home inspected today.

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