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Why is a Moisture Inspection Important for your Home?

moisture inspection

Anyone who owns a house or commercial property knows the costly damages water can create. Water at the foundation can cause extensive damage to your property creating mold, mildew and fungus. Water also attracts termites, which leads to widespread damage.

Of course a leak under or near a structure can cause damage or attract other unwanted pests and organisms to a specific location, but the vast majority of the moisture conditions that we encounter come from a more general source, i.e. water that enters the structure via ground water percolation, improper grading or excessive condensation.

Water entering the foundation – High water during rainy seasons or a shallow layer of clay beneath your crawl space can cause moisture infiltration.

These issues can be treated through underground drainage systems, using sump pumps; polyethylene moisture barriers and self monitored moisture evacuation systems.

Condensation – Leaky or poorly insulated ductwork in the crawl space can lead to condensation. Even if the ductwork is not leaking into the soil underneath the house, it can be vaporizing into the crawl space.

The hot, humid air collides with cooler air in the crawl space causing condensation. Replacing or resealing the ductwork in conjunction with an automated moisture extraction system can remedy these issues.

Our inspector will look for and address both types of moisture problems. In areas with high water tables and lots of humidity, moisture can cause costly damages. The only way to know before you are paying for the damages is to have a moisture inspection. Give us a call today!

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