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water heater inspection

When you have spent a chilly day working in the yard or running errands around the Twin Cities you look forward to that beautiful hot shower as you arrive home.

You get ready to thaw out, turn on the water in the shower and…. only an ice-cold flow. We’ve all been there. The hot water tank usually breaks down just when we need it most.

Did you know that taking a few simple prevention steps can ensure that this won’t happen to you? A regular water heater inspection should be on every homeowner’s list of chores.

If you fail to inspect your water heater, problems will creep up and then, one day, you will encounter a flooded basement or simply no hot water for washing up.

Inspections help you identify problems early so that they can be repaired, rather than having to replace the entire tank, which gets expensive. Prevention is better than cure here; regular hot water tank inspections and maintenance will prevent small issues from becoming large problems.

The inspector will look at these four major areas of the Water Heater:

  • Age- Water heaters generally have a lifespan of 10-12 years. If your heater is within this range, the inspector will know to look for the common signs of potential failure.
  • Leaks- The inspector will look for areas where common leaks are found or look for mineral deposits, as water that has leaked earlier may have dried up. They will then check the top of the unit to see if any of the pipes, valves or connections are leaking.
  • Noises- The inspector will listen for abnormal sounds being made from the water heater like rumbling or high pitched whiny noises. These noises indicate a serious problem with the function of the water heater and will need to be fixed by a contractor.
  • Temperature- The inspector will look to see if the water heater is set at the appropriate temperature. If the inspector notices the amount of hot water produced starts declining for no apparent reason, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the heater.

When the Water Heater Inspection is complete, the inspector will provide the customer a detailed report with pictures of their findings and will be available to the customer in 24 hours after the inspection. Give us a call today to schedule a Water Heater Inspection!

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