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thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging AKA Infrared, is a powerful, noninvasive method of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of houses. With it, we can quickly identify problem areas that can’t be detected with the naked eye – eliminating costly, destructive probing methods.

Infrared thermography cameras produce images of invisible infrared, or “heat” radiation and provide you with precise non-contact temperature measurements.

Moisture in building materials can destroy the structural integrity and nurture mold and insect infestation. Infrared cameras can instantly image entire rooms, inspect hard-to-reach places, reveal wet conditions behind surfaces at the source, and then monitor when the area is completely dry.

For mechanical equipment, nearly everything gets hot before it fails – making infrared cameras extremely cost-effective and valuable diagnostic tools in many diverse applications.

Infrared cameras meet the demands of building diagnostics. They feature immediate high-resolution thermal imagery, which may reveals potential moisture issues, energy efficiency and even rodents or pests. Use an infrared camera to find:

  • Moisture
  • Missing or defective insulation
  • HVAC problem areas-Sourced of heating/cooling losses
  • Plumbing blockages
  • Roof leaks
  • Electrical issues
  • Rodents and other pests

Our FLIR Thermal Imaging gives us a great advantage when it comes to home inspections, it gives us the ability to see things we cant see with out own eyes and could save our customers thousand of dollars by finding the possible issues that are hidden.

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