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Foundation Inspection

When buying a new house, a home inspection is standard practice. During these evaluations, the home inspector is usually able to identify potential foundation problems. For home buyers, a foundation inspection report provides valuable information about the investment.

The goal of a foundation inspection is to determine if the underlying base of your home is structurally sound. A inspector will look at these factors:

  1. Is the foundation performing its intended function?
  2. Is the foundation compliant with building codes?
  3. Are foundation repairs or modifications needed

The inspector will inspect the following components of the foundation:

  1. Isolate internal cracks and determine their threat levels
  2. Examine support beams and load-bearing devices
  3. Test how snugly doors, windows, and vents fit
  4. Assess the integrity of concrete walls and floors within the foundation
  5. Look for water damage, mold, and improper ventilation
  6. Water drainage, landscaping, and irrigation
  7. Cracks and fissures on exterior walls
  8. Crumbling concrete or degraded building materials
  9. Buckling walls, exterior bulges, or irregular slopes

When the foundation inspection is complete the inspector will provide you with a detailed report along with pictures of their findings and will be available to you in 24 hours after the inspection. Give us a call today to schedule your foundation inspection.

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